Who we Are

We’re The Social Approach and we are a London-based digital marketing agency. We provide our clients with a range of services, including PPC, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and web development. We are a passionate bunch, who love creating strategies for our clients and really help them grow their businesses. We are a no nonsense, down to earth consulting team, we are highly professional and hard working, but we are also friendly and enjoy a bit of humour. We take our work seriously and you can guarantee you will be in safe hands with us – but we are also easy to engage with and we like to get to know our clients.

We were founded in November 2018, with the aim of bringing together consultancy and marketing to one digital space and to help grow our clients’ business.

We like to keep our industries within specific industries, as this allows us to deliver the highest quality of service by our consulting team who understand the specific industry. Our industries are journalism, B2B marketing, retail and Ecommerce, medical, legal and professional services and hospitality.

Our strategy involves evaluating the needs of our clients’ and evaluating the type of marketing services which will work for your business, as well as the overall goals you are looking to achieve.

We have worked with high profile clients including the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Metro Newspaper, Royal Trinity Hospice, Innocents, Arla and some of the biggest dental journals in the country.

We aim to deliver high results by approaching strategy with innovation and personality.

We are TSA a group of marketing experts who understand each client personally never compromising on quality no matter the size of your business. We work with startups to large organisations and we treat every business equally, regardless of the size.

Our Goals

We understand that we are not the only digital marketing in agency, so why choose us about the rest? Well, we are the best – but that’s just our opinion, and yours is the only that truly matters. Let’s look at our goals, and if they align with you, then we may have a winning combination.

  • Find the Right Services

    • The first part of our strategy is to find the marketing services that work for your business. We know that we need to tailor our approach to suit each business, and we will develop the strategy that works best for you. Our aim is to find marketing that works for you and we will use our experience to devise a marketing plan that suits your business.

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness

    • If people don’t know you exist, how are they going to become customers – right? Brand awareness is an important aspect of our marketing strategy and we will help you to create a consistent brand throughout all of our services, including social media , content marketing, influencer marketing and SEO. Our goal is to boost your online and offline presence, so that more people know about your brand and what you do. We will also manage your brand as part of our marketing services, to ensure it stays positive and aligned with your goals.

  • Generating Leads

    • Increasing awareness is just one part of the process, we also want to turn those new visitors and extra traffic into leads. Our goal is to ensure people know about you, and also create engaging content which helps to ensure you become a credible source within your industry. Generating leads is something we can achieve organically, and we have the expertise to ensure you are getting the right message, in front of the right people, and at the right time. Our highly experience and knowledgeable marketing team will create exciting, interesting content that delivers results.

  • Retain Customers

    • Growing your business is not just about constantly seeking new customers, although that is, of course, important. It is also about retaining your current customers. You might have worked on a one-project or had one sale from a customer and if you put effort into re-engaging with them, you are likely to get more business from them. It is also important to reward loyalty in your customers. At TSA, we can provide services which are ideal for retaining customers, for instance, email marketing. This can ensure you stay in touch regularly with your customer and as a consequence, they won’t forget you. The ability to retain customers is one of the most important business lessons you’ll ever learn and we are the experts with the knowledge in how to achieve this. Remarkably, this is actually the area that most businesses suffer with and it is the most important.

  • Increase Sales

    • The ultimate aim of any marketing strategy is to increase sales, whether from new or old customers. We are experts at improving sales for our clients, and it is something we are extremely passionate about. The end result for us is to ensure that you improve your profits and we will work tenaciously to ensure that happens. There’s nothing more invigorating for us than hearing that we improved your profits!

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    • Customers are happier if you are providing them with a good service, and you are rewarding them for their loyalty. With the marketing techniques we offer, such as email marketing, we can help you send out the right messages to your clients, so that you keep them happy and engaged. If you keep your customers satisfied, your business will benefit and this is something we are highly experienced in. Managing customer expectations and being responsive to their comments is a great way to improve customer satisfaction.

Our Story

We have been working in the marketing sector for 15+ years, and our consulting team have insight and experience in a range of industries, which are the ones we specialise in. They are also experts within the marketing services we offer. After working in different companies and accumulating this wealth of experience, we decided that we could achieve this on our own, and that’s how TSA was born. We believe that our creativity, and ability to adapt to different customers, gives us a winning formula to deliver great results. Since forming in 2018, we have already started achieving incredible results for our clients and we know that our story is one which is just starting, but will continue to develop, as our journey unfolds. We hope you are part of our journey.

10 Good Reasons

We know you have the pick of the crop when it comes to digital marketing agencies in London. After all, the city is saturated with them. However, we are different and these are not just empty words. We have worked with enough marketing companies to know what to do differently and how to really offer an incredible customer satisfaction. Here are our ten reasons why you might want to give us a try.
  • Our Expertise

    • Most marketing agencies will work within any industry. We don’t. We only work in the industries we truly understand – inside and out. We believe that this allows us to deliver a better service. Our expertise in the chosen industries is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We don’t pretend to understand industries, which is why we focus on these.

  • Attitude

    • You are our customer, you are paying our bills, so we treat you with the respect you deserve. We will never leave you waiting for a response to a query. Our attitude is always positive, friendly – and easy going. We are happy to adapt to whatever you need and we will strive to ensure we deliver the best.

  • Passion

    • The very best work is delivered out of passion – and this is something our whole consulting team have in abundance. You will notice our passion from the day you start talking to us.

  • Drive and Determination

    • Although we are marketing experts, we are not too proud to change our tact if things aren’t working. We have the drive and determination to deliver the best possible results for your business – and we won’t stop until we do this! Drive and determination are qualities we believe in for each individual who works for us.

  • Creativity

    • It is very difficult to deliver a successful marketing campaign without creativity and inspiration. Our creativity allows us to constantly come up with new ideas and ways to improve the results of your business. We believe that creativity is key to success, as you need it to generate ideas and make changes to your strategies.

  • Analytics

    • We use advanced techniques to keep on track with the analytics of our services. Without analytics, we don’t know how our marketing techniques are performing and we need these to be able to constantly improve our marketing services. Analytics are an essential part of our business and we regularly find ways to enhance these.

  • Clients

    • We have worked with many highly regarded clients. If they trust us – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! We pride ourselves on the clients we have worked with and the results we have delivered for them. We retain our clients, as we deliver an exceptional service.

  • Support

    • Our team are on hand to support you, whenever you need it. If you have a question or comment, we will always take these onboard and we will always be there to answer your questions.

  • Collaborative

    • Although we may work in different specialisms and services, we work together as a team, and believe that a collaborative approach delivers the best results. We are individuals but we deliver as a team.

  • Reputation

    • We have a strong reputation as leaders within the marketing industry, and we always strive to uphold this. Our reputation precedes us – in a good way, and having a positive reputation is of the upmost importance to us. We have a desire to satisfy our customers, but we also want to keep our own reputation in tact.

We Love What We Do

Eat, sleep and repeat… that’s our attitude to marketing. We live and breathe it, and we love it. We enjoy developing strategies and we love getting results for our clients. It’s what gets us up in the morning. We enjoy nothing more than analysing data (yes, we are geeks!) and happy clients makes us happy! You’ll find passion in any piece of work we deliver for you.

Get In Touch

If, after reading about us, we sound like your kind of marketing company, then we would love to hear from you. We will kick off with an initial call to find out more about you require, and then spend time developing your strategy. We can work whatever way you prefer, face to face or over the phone – even face time at a push (but don’t let that put you off us!)

We work to our clients requirements and we will discuss the marketing techniques which will be most suited to your business. You will work with a marketing consultant who is experience within your own industry and with the two heads together, you will get a strategy which is right for you. There will be constant communication throughout the process, and you may decide to try new techniques as we go.

Let’s have a chat first – get in touch to find out more and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

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