The digital marketing strategy is the actions we will take to help you achieve your goals. We do this by using the most relevant online marketing channels, including social media , content marketing and influencer marketing. Whether you have just one goal or multiple goals for your business, we are here to help. Our digital marketing strategy will depend on your business and what you want to achieve. We always adapt our strategy to suit each business and tailor it to your needs.

Your digital marketing strategy is comprised of a range of elements, which all work together to achieve a common goal. The goal is what you want to achieve for your business. It may be just one main goal or a combination of different goals. We will create a digital marketing strategy using different elements.

Your Company and Marketing Efforts

In order to develop a digital marketing strategy, we need to firstly, analyze your company and look at your current marketing efforts. Where does your business currently stand in the market? Are you ahead of the game or way behind? It doesn’t matter where your business currently stands, we can help create a digital marketing strategy to suit you. It is important for us to understand what you are currently doing in terms of marketing, even if you are doing nothing, we can help whatever stage you may be at.

Performance Analysis

Our digital marketing strategy will also consist of analyzing your current performance and place in the market. We will carry out an audit to find out what your marketing strategies are, and what results you are achieving from them. You may not have any marketing strategies in place, we work with clients with no marketing strategies and others with marketing strategies which are not delivering the right results. A performance analysis is always a key part of our digital marketing strategy, as it helps set us on the right path for creating the best results for you.

Goals and Objectives

As part of our digital marketing strategy, we will also determine what your goals and objectives are. When we know and understand your key goals and objectives, it gives us a better chance of being able to meet your expectations. Without looking at your goals, we won’t know whether we have achieved the right results, so we always monitor these as we go.

Target Audience

In order to deliver the best digital marketing strategy, we need to know who your target market is. Our marketing services need to be designed with your target market in mind, as this is the way you will achieve growth and sales. If you don’t really know who your target market is, we will be happy to have a discussion with you and gain an understanding of who your target market will be. We are experts in understanding the digital market of a wide range of businesses and how to tailor our services with this in mind.


It is vital that we know who your competitors are, it can give us a better insight into what strategies they are using and how we can help your business become a key player. Where do your competitors currently stand? Are they doing better than you or worse? If they are doing better, what does their marketing strategy look like? Knowledge of your competitors is an important aspect of developing a strong digital marketing strategy.

Develop Marketing Plan

Our strategy also includes the development of your marketing plan. The marketing plan includes analyzing the services which are suited to your business and which services you want to use. We advise clients to use content marketing and SEO as a minimum as part of their marketing plan. The other services we offer are social media, influencer marketing, web development, email marketing and video marketing. We will discuss each of the services we offer in detail with you, so you have a good understanding of the possibilities of each of what you can achieve. You may just want to use one of our services, but you can add more on as you go, depending on your needs, or in fact, you may want to go with a full marketing plan package. At TSA, our marketing experts are committed to developing a marketing plan which is best suited to your business and we will alter it whenever necessary.


We are not a digital marketing company that believe that rushing through everything is the best way to achieve results. We know it takes time to develop a marketing strategy and get results, but we still believe in implementing timeframes, even if we need to adapt these as we go. For example, you may want social media updated on a daily basis or a blog published every week. We are happy to advise on timelines and with regular communication, we will be able to get on the right path in terms of timeframe.

Review Stages

We believe that regular review stages are important so that we keep on track in delivering your goals. Our review stages will include, looking at your analytics on social media and your website. This will give us a good insight into what is working well and what may need some amendments. We are always happy to adapt our digital marketing plan to ensure you get the best results from it. Review stages are important within the digital marketing strategy, as these are the way we can ensure we stay on track in delivering your goals. We will continuously make tweaks to our marketing plan as and when required.

10 Backlinking Strategy Tips

Backlinking is becoming increasingly popular as part of an effective marketing campaign and unlike links within your website, backlinks refer to links from another website to yours. In order to make the best use of backlinks, you must ensure that your website is functioning well and the user experience is at the highest standard. You may need to use a web development service to ensure your website is up to scratch. Linking is important as it shows that your website is credible, it helps your website rank higher on Google, and through the links, your website is seen by Google. Websites won’t link to you if they don’t believe your content is high quality or reliable, which is why Google views backlinking in such high regard.

1. Quality Versus Quantity

It is important to choose quality links over quantity, otherwise, Google will penalize you, and you may completely lose your organic growth. Reciprocal linking is great, but just make sure it’s not excessive and it’s relevant. If you are running a mortgage business and a coffee company is linking to your page, it won’t make much sense to the reader. Links should never be there for the sake of it, they should be there to inform the reader and ensure they leave with new information. If links are there for the sake of it, it is obvious and Google will not look positively on this. It is also important not to have too many links throughout the content. If every second word links back to your website, for example, this looks spammy and it could reduce your ranking on Google.

2. Request Backlinks

You might be wondering how you actually get the backlinks in the first place. Do websites just magically find you and before you know it, you have loads of top quality links from reputable websites? Although it’s not entirely impossible, this is not usually how it works. If you want quality backlinks, you can request these from websites you like. You might want to start with people you know who have good quality websites. Just make sure the backlinks are within the content and the websites are within your niche, otherwise they will be pointless.

3. Find Contacts

If you want to get good backlinks, you need to be prepared to build good relationships with other website owners. If you engage and build rapport with them, link building will come naturally. Commenting on posts, sharing posts etc will help increase your visibility and make it more likely that other website owners will want to link back to your website.

4. Creating Content

Backlinks will come naturally if you write great content on a regular basis. It might require a bit of effort but you’ll soon get into the flow, or you can get an expert to help with your content marketing instead . Your website will gain credibility with regular, quality content, which will help it to rank higher on Google. As a result, you will gain more backlinks in the process.

5. Register on Directories

Registering on directories is a great way to build your brand and get noticed, which, in turn, will lead to more backlinks. There are lots of useless directories out there, but plenty of quality ones so just choose wisely. The best directories will rank high on Google, while the others won’t be visible or will be way down on the rankings.

6. Guest Posts

Guests posts are a great way to get good backlinks, especially if you ensure these are within your niche. Guest posts should be always be written in a way to inform and engage the reader, they should never be written in a sales way. Your backlink can be slipped into the content and most website owners will accept these, as long as they are great quality. After all, it benefits both parties – you get a backlink and they get more content.

7. Offer Testimonials

If you have used specific products and you would quite like to get a backlink on their website, you can ask for a backlink in return for a testimonial. You should make sure the website is relevant to your product or service, otherwise, it probably won’t reach your target market. Testimonials benefit both parties, and thinking of methods of mutual benefit is the best approach to take with backlinks.

8. Mentions as Backlinks

Guests posts are a great way to get good backlinks, especially if you ensure these are within your niche. Guest posts should be always be written in a way to inform and engage the reader, they should never be written in a sales way. Your backlink can be slipped into the content and most website owners will accept these, as long as they are great quality. After all, it benefits both parties – you get a backlink and they get more content.

9. Co-authoring

Some website owners will have their own content creator and won’t be willing to take content from anyone else. However, they may be willing to let you co-author and you can ask to do this in exchange for backlinks. You can work together with content creators to create an article or blog, and put your experience and insight into good use, in exchange for a backlink.

10. Broken Links

If you come across websites with broken links taking you to outdated content or a dead page, you may want to reach out to the website owner and see if you can create content for the page, in return for a backlink. You can create a full outreach campaign and while you look for relevant websites who take guest posts, you can also check for broken links at the same time.

11. Create Guides

Guides are a great way to build backlinks, as they are informative and hugely popular. Creating guides on a specific subject you know about will help you gain traffic, authority and as a result backlinks.