What is Fractional CMO?

Fractional CMO stands for Fractional Marketing Officer and is the title of an individual who works with an organisation, delivering marketing support on a fractional basis. In some cases, companies will be looking for a marketing expert, only for a short term or on a consultative basis and this what Fractional CMO describes. With Fractional CMO, you get a senior marketing leader for a set period of time, for example, 10 hours a week, and the CMO would spend the remaining time with another client or several clients.If you use the services of a Fractional CMO it means you get that dedicated, expert help for a specific period of time, with full engagement, usually for six months or longer. The Fractional CMO will help support customer acquisition, through to sales development and growth. It is executive level experience, without the full time costs you would get from hiring a full time employee. The Fractional CMO has a deep understanding of marketing and will be a leader within their field. They will understand strategies, how to develop and implement these to improve business growth. Fractional executives are used by many organisations in other areas of the business and it is becoming more common to see Fractional CMO’s in marketing too. There are various ways a Fractional CMO may work, you may hire them on a temporary basis, part time or for an interim. You may decide to hire a Fractional CMO to advise and support your current marketing team. There are many different options to consider, based on your needs and those of your business.

The Benefits of Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO’s might be a completely new concept to you, or you may have heard of them but not too sure whether this is the right move for you. Fractional CMO’s can be beneficial for businesses in a number of ways and these are some signs that you might want to consider enlisting the support of a Fractional CMO.

Why You Might Need a Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO’s might be a completely new concept to you, or you may have heard of them but not too sure whether this is the right move for you. Fractional CMO’s can be beneficial for businesses in a number of ways and these are some signs that you might want to consider enlisting the support of a Fractional CMO.

You Don’t Need a Full Time Employee

Although full time employees can be hugely beneficial to a business, they’re not for every business. Full time employees can come with their issues. Firstly, you need to ensure you always have enough work to justify a full time member of staff, otherwise you could be wasting your money. It’s a huge commitment to hire a full time person and it can be extremely challenging if you are a small business or startup company. A Fractional CMO can be useful for smaller organisations, as you don’t have the commitment of a full time, permanent member of staff. You can hire the Fractional CMO for a short period of time and part time hours, which can keep your costs down. Some organisations already have a marketing team, but they need an experienced leader to join the organisation for a specific period of time to get the team working together. In short, a Fractional CMO is ideal for small companies, startups and those organisations who want someone to lead their marketing teams.

The Changing Marketing Landscape

Marketing is constantly changing. It wasn’t so long ago that people were stuffing content full of keywords and posting it all over the place, and now, Google will ban you for this behaviour. The landscape constantly changes and you might have a team doing marketing, but are they keeping on top of the marketing trends? It may be that you need someone to come in to your business for a specific period of time to get your marketing techniques up-to-date and give an outsiders view on where you need to make changes. You don’t need a full time employee, but you could do with an expert coming in to improve your strategies and ensure your organisation is competitive.

Consistent Brand

It may be that you don’t have a marketing team and your sales teams are creating their own materials. In this case, your brand will be inconsistent, which makes it more difficult for consumers to recognise you and for you to achieve the success you desire. With the help of a Fractional CMO, you will be able to create a consistent message, which will strengthen your brand and improve the customer experience. A consistent brand is necessary for delivering the best results for your business and this is what a Fractional CMO can ensure.

Uninformed Decisions

Are you just hoping for the best when it comes to your marketing techniques. For example, you have someone managing your social media platforms, you occasionally spend a large chunk of your budget on paid social , but you’re not really getting the results you want. This is where a Fractional CMO can be hugely beneficial. With the support of a Fractional CMO, you can get your strategies into line and focus on delivering a strong marketing campaign which will achieve the results you need, without being a huge drain on your budget.

Short Term Support

In some cases, organisations hire a Fractional CMO as they need short term cover. It might be that you have a position you need to fill, and need someone to step in to take control while you look to fill the role. You may just need some short term support to help deal with your needs. A Fractional CMO is there to support short term needs, whenever you need them and for the set period you wish.

Types of Engagement for Fractional CMO

The number of organisations engaging with Fractional CMO’s is increasing, especially small businesses and startups. If you decide to enlist the help of a Fractional CMO, these are some of the ways you can engage with them.

On Demand

You may decide that you don’t need a full time marketing executive, but you want some marketing support as and when you need it. This is often known as ‘on demand’ and it refers to using the help of a Fractional CMO when you need it. You might want the support on a part time or temporary basis and you can discuss the arrangement which works best for you.


If you have a marketing team who are not performing the way you would like, you may hire a Fractional CMO to turn it around. You may use the services of a Fractional CMO to train, support and review your marketing techniques and make changes to help turn your business around. This is quite a common way to use the services of a Fractional CMO, as having unsuccessful marketing techniques is not something most business can afford to absorb.


If you need a full time marketing executive, but your CMO has resigned and you need to fill the gap before you find someone, you may hire a Fractional CMO for an interim. This will allow you to ensure your marketing strategies and the continuity of your business remains while you look for a suitable candidate. The Fractional CMO is also in a good position to be able to help with the recruitment process, including screening and interviewing candidates.


You may have hired a more than capable team of trainees, but you could benefit from getting someone on-board in an advisory capacity to ensure they are using their skills and abilities to their full capacity. This will ensure that your brand remains consistent, you are sending out the same message across the board and the team are working towards a common goal. It is often the case that hiring an experienced Fractional CMO can be enough to empower and motivate your team, and in this way, you can ensure you are getting the maximum results from them. Advisory work can be imperative for the growth of any business, as it can really bring teams together, even if they are facing challenges.

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