Legal and Professional Services

We work with companies within the legal and professional industry including Evershed and Sutherland, helping them to grow their client base. With our marketing services in legal and professional, we can free up your time to focus on fee earning, while we get to work on building your brand and driving new clients. We have been working within legal and professional services for years and we consider ourselves to be experts in this field. If you are struggling to win new business or even get traffic to your website, we can help.


Our Services

At TSA, we are proud of the outstanding service we offer to our clients within legal and professional services. Our clients are all unique and wide ranging, and one of our experts will work with you to help create a marketing strategy which is right for you. We understand the challenges of growing a business within legal and professional services and will create a marketing strategy which is right for your business. Our experts are always on hand to help with any queries you might have.

Marketing Solutions for Legal and Professional Services

The marketing solutions we offer are wide ranging and designed to suit your needs. We have expertise in a range of marketing techniques which will help deliver results. Whether you want to grow your brand, attract new clients or more traffic to your website, our experts will develop a marketing plan to suit. We tailor our marketing strategy to suit our customers and your needs are hugely important to us.

Content Marketing

Content marketing within this industry can be in different forms, including white papers, blogs and articles. The main issue with producing content within this industry is that it’s difficult to find content writers with the level of expertise required to be able to write sufficiently in this area. This is where we can help, as we have significant industry experience within legal and professional services, allowing us to create highly informative and engaging content designed to attract your target market. Typical types of content we create for our clients include industry updates, general guides and information on legal issues which might be useful for your audience.


Search Engine Optimisation and PPC

With 98% of people using search engines to find legal assistance, it pays to invest in your SEO. With the addition of SEO throughout your content, you will have greater visibility when people search for legal and professional services. This visibility will help you rank higher on Google, which will drive more traffic to your website and with great content on your website, it will turn your traffic into paying customers. We can undertake an SEO audit of your website to find out how it’s currently performing. We will get an understanding of what keywords you want to rank for and how your competitors are currently performing. Search engine optimisation is vital, it is not something you can do without, especially if you are trying to attract more clients.

Our experts will also be able to work with you to create a PPC campaign, which will help you to rank higher on Google, with our expertise in PPC , specifically within the legal and professional services sector, we will create an advertising campaign which really works!

Video Marketing

Although content marketing can be highly effective for legal and professional services, video marketing makes even more of an impact. Google regards video content highly and by incorporating good quality video content into your marketing campaign, you will be more likely to rank higher than if your content only contains text. Video content is also much more appealing to readers than just text and it can increase engagement. Video marketers achieve as much as 66% more leads and 54% notice an increase in brand awareness. There are various forms of video marketing you can use to give your business a welcome boost.

Videos to Promote Your Brand

There are a lot of legal and professional services companies out there and you need to get yourself seen in the crowd.You can use video marketing to introduce your brand to readers and engage with them. Video marketing can be a way to tell your story and introduce your brand to prospects. We can help you create a video which has a positive impact on your brand and will show prospective clients why they should choose you to represent them.


Testimonials are much more meaningful when they come from ‘the horses mouth’ so to speak. Anyone can write a piece of text on what customer’s think of their services, but it is much more meaningful when it comes directly from that person. Sharing your clients’ success stories via

Informative Content

Your video content can just be used to inform your readers about topics that might be of interest to them with legal services, for example, human rights, marriage, divorce or anything that might be relevant to your target market. The law is so widespread and indepth that you’ll never be stuck for topics for your video content!



Specialist organisations such as those within legal and professional services do not have great visibility. They are not like high street stores which can be seen by customers who pass by, they are hidden away and this is why it is even more important to increase visibility. It is also a more saturated market and social media is a good way to increase your brand awareness. You don’t need to spend much for social media, but it is a worthwhile investment for several reasons.

Greater Visibility

If you post regularly on several social media platforms, your visibility will increase, along with your engagement. Your followers will grow and you’ll drive more traffic to your website. The more visible you are, the greater the return on investment. There are all sorts of algorithms in place when ranking websites, and these change all the time, but one thing is consistent, if you post regular, quality content and you are active on social media, you will rank higher than if you lie dormant. If you have been advised on social media but you don’t really know where to start, we can help and would recommend that you make sure you have a presence here as it will pay off in the long term.

Better Reputation

People tend to trust brands more when they have an online presence and post regularly on topics within their sector. A company with regular engagement, including shares and likes, seem more trustworthy than those without any content. How can you really trust a company without any presence or apparent knowledge within their field? As there are so many choices for customers looking for legal and professional services, they are more likely to opt for one who has visibility and are engaging with their audience. You can also track your reputation if you’re using social media regularly, and respond to any queries quickly.

How We Use Social Media Marketing

At TSA, we will provide you with a social media marketing campaign to help you reach your goals. Our social media campaign will include, great content posted regularly and aimed at your target market, the right search terms to ensure you rank high and regular engaged to boost your profile. Our team of experts have experience of working with clients within legal and professional services and they will develop a social media plan to help meet the needs of your business. If you want to reach out to a fresh audience and increase your engagement, we can help you achieve incredible results from your social media campaigns.

Offline Marketing

Although we are very much experienced and passionate about digital marketing, we still believe there is a strong need for offline marketing. With our help, we can deliver an offline marketing campaign, which will help deliver incredible results for your business. Our offline marketing for legal services includes creating blogs and articles for publications, trade advertising as necessary for your business, brochures and leaflets which can be delivered to your target market and brand advertising. We can create both the design and the content for your offline marketing campaign for legal services and most importantly, deliver incredible results!

How We Use Social Media Marketing

If you are looking for marketing support in the legal and professional services sector, we can help at TSA. We have been working with clients within this sector for a number of years, and we have a strong track record of delivering results. If you’d like to find out more about our services and how we can help grow your business, get in touch, with us today and let’s get started in creating a winning campaign. You also might want to head over to our blog section where you will find some informative content we have written, hopefully you can get some inspiration from this. Our services section will give you a bit more information on each of the marketing techniques we can use as part of your campaign. Some of our clients choose all of the marketing techniques we have available, while others prefer to do a combination. We can work through them and advise you on what suits your business, and we can add more as we go along, as you require.

Why Us?

We would like to say choose us as your marketing company as we’re the best marketing agency in London. However, that may sound a little bigheaded. Instead we’ll leave you with the fact that we’re experienced in the legal and professional services sector, we are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the sector and we have been delivering real, tangible results for our clients. Choose us as we want to and will deliver results for you, no matter what stage your business may be at. You won’t regret using us as your marketing company!