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We understand that we are an external cost to your business, but in the long run, we will offer you many benefits. Not just in terms of the extra clients you will bring in, but also your brand awareness and relationships with customers. As an experienced marketing consultancy, we will take the time to understand your goals and devise a plan based on these and to help your business grow. Our aim is to improve results for your business and we will devise the right plan to suit your individual needs. Our team of marketing experts have been developing marketing strategies for years and they can help you deliver the results you need. We want to drive results for your business, just as much as you and we will support you by helping you meet your goals. If you’re not sure whether you need a marketing plan, read on to discover all the benefits and how we can help you.

Benefits of a Marketing Plan

Even if you are inundated with work, a marketing plan is important. It can be easy to get in the swing of doing work, without planning ahead for the future. All of a sudden, customers stop coming through the door, projects dry up or you notice your customers are going to competitors. This is the reason you need a marketing plan running and a professional marketing consultancy to take care of it for you. If you have a marketing plan running in the background for you, it can help ensure you create a flow of work and your work is steady. There will still be peaks and troughs, but you will always have some work on the go, or customers buying your products. These are just some of the reasons why you need a marketing plan.

Building Relationships

Many businesses make the mistake of constantly striving to find new customers, instead of developing the relationships they have with their current customers. It is difficult enough to acquire a customer, but you also need to take steps to retain them too. A one time customer is 27% more likely to buy from you again, and 54% likely after 3 sales. This shows the benefit of building customer loyalty. Returning customers make a company more likely to succeed than those who purely rely on new customers. It may seem like marketing is all about bringing in new customers, but in fact, a lot of engagement is for the benefit of current customers. For example, you can use social media to build awareness of your brand, but also to inform customers of any updates and special offers.


If you post on social media once a month or occasionally throw up a blog , you’ll get very little benefit from it. However, if you have a consistent structure in place, in terms of how often you post, your brand and message, you will get far better results. We understand that this is easy to say – not so easy to put into practice, why is why we believe that using a professional marketing consultancy is the best way to achieve results. A marketing consultancy can ensure you have regular, consistent posts and this will help build continuity with your brand, making it more likely that you will drive more interest to your business. Consistency is key within any business and you will only ever get the results you want by being dedicated to a marketing strategy, and this is where we can help at TSA.

Creating Your Brand

Marketing can help you to create a brand and keep it consistent. Consumers relate more to a strong brand, with a consistent message. If you consider ‘Apple’, they have one of the strongest brands out there and one of the highest examples of customer loyalty. Apple make their products look attractive, they use clever language to sell products and they make it seem truly irresistible. They deliver a brand which is both luxuriest and simplistic, in equal measures. The products are not cheap, but they are high quality, especially the Apple Mac. With 1.4 billion active devices throughout the world, they are obviously doing something right!A strong marketing campaign can help you both develop your brand and grow it, maybe not to the same level as Apple, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Increase Credibility

With regular, quality posts and content, you become a credible voice within your industry. People will start to notice you and your network will start to grow. You will become reliable and interesting to your community and this will help grow your brand and your business. Marketing is an important way to give your brand a voice and in turn, boost your credibility and business growth. If you have no presence online, for example, your social media is completely bare, it reflects badly on your business. It shows that you are not dedicated to marketing and you are not utilising all the avenues available to you, which can look like a lack of professionalism. If you want your business to look like a force to be reckoned with and to be a credible option, a strong marketing plan will offer many benefits to boosting your credibility.

Attract Prospects

As much as you want to nurture your current customers, you also want to attract new prospects and bring in new business. The more marketing you do, the more your brand is out there and you start to build leads. It’s important to follow up on leads, as this is the way you will turn them into paying customers. Marketing on a consistent basis can help you take care of both your current customers and prospective customers – both are valuable to your business and worth investing in. Attracting prospects is all about getting your brand out there and getting people to sit up and take notice. You can’t achieve this without having a structured marketing plan in place.

Our Marketing Services

As a leading marketing consultancy in London, we offer a range of marketing services, including paid social, content marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing, email marketing, web development and SEO.We structure our marketing plan to deliver the best possible results for you. Everything we do is strategic, so we can maximise your business. We will communicate with you throughout the process on a regular basis, as this will ensure we keep on track. We will then develop a marketing plan based on our insights of your business and what we believe will work best for you. We keep track of the progress of our marketing plan. For example, your growth on social media, traffic to your website, leads and new business. We will also adapt your marketing plan if there are any areas which need to be tailored as we go along. We can also add any services on as and when you might need them.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan

    • The sales and marketing plan we will develop as part of our marketing strategy includes, sales and marketing strategies. With our sales and marketing strategy, we will determine which services will be right for your business. This will include an analysis of your business goals and identifying those services which will be right for you. We suggest that all of our clients use content marketing and SEO as a minimal and the others can be additional parts of your overall sales and marketing plan. We will use measurable strategies that we can monitor and will help with your business growth. Our sales and marketing plan will be analysed and regularly updated to improve your performance.

  • Why Choose Us

    • As a leading marketing consultancy in the UK, we have been helping our clients achieve their goals for years. With an accumulation of experience in different areas, our teams will deliver results for your business. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider TSA as your marketing consultancy.

  • Develop Strategy

    • We don’t just set up a marketing plan and hope for the best, we develop a strategy which is designed to help you achieve results. Our strategy will include, analysing your current marketing campaigns, if you have any in place, and developing a strategy to suit your needs. We constantly monitor our strategies, making changes wherever necessary. Our strategy helps provide you with the best results.

  • Cost Effective

    • It may seem counter-productive to use a marketing consultancy for your marketing strategies. However, with our expertise in delivering results, you will get great value for your money. You may have an outlay, but the clients and exposure you will get, will make it cost effective. If you want to achieve real results for your business, consider us as your marketing consultancy.

Our Expertise

Our marketing consultants have experience within a wide range of services and specialisms, and as such, we are able to advise on the best marketing strategies for your business. We have been working with clients within specific specialisms for years and delivering incredible results. If you want a marketing consultancy who know what they’re doing, we are the company to use. We take pride in the marketing experience we have accumulated over the years and how we have used this to help our clients develop their business. We are dedicated to our clients and we are focused on delivering the best result to grow your business.

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Are you ready to take your business to the next stage? Do you think you could benefit from a marketing overhaul? At TSA, we are a marketing consultancy with a difference. We will take the time to understand your business and develop a strategy to suit your business goals. Our marketing services include paid social, content marketing and video marketing, influencer marketing and web development. We work within the specialisms of B2B marketing, medical, gaming, legal and professional services, hospitality and retail and Ecommerce. If you would like to find out more about our marketing consultancy and how we can help support you, contact us today and we will be happy to help. We are always available to talk through the marketing options with you and design a plan to suit your needs.

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