As with other industries, the medical sector also requires a marketing strategy to help drive customers through the door. Private GP’s, dental firms etc, are constantly striving to build up their client list and this requires a strong marketing campaign. At TSA, we work with clients in the medical sector to develop a marketing strategy to suit their needs. Our experts take time to understand clients and what approach would be best for them. We have been delivering an outstanding service to our clients in the medical sector for years and have helped them to increase their customer base.

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Medical Marketing Techniques

With our expertise in the marketing sector, we have developed techniques which deliver results for our clients within the medical sector. With the help of our services, our clients have managed to grow their client base, while maintaining an excellent standard of quality. These are some of the most important medical marketing techniques which we have used as part of our service.
  • Flyers and Leaflets

    • One of the options we offer is to send out flyers/leaflets etc, which can be used to inform or remind customers of wellness checks, new treatments or services you are offering. We can target your offline marketing to your ideal market, including the region and age group which is most applicable to the services you are offering. Offline marketing can be highly effective in the medial sector and with our help, you can boost your services. We can also help you generate media exposure for your practice. With our creative team, we will ensure the design of your flyers and leaflets is of the highest quality standard and will create a great impression to drive customers to your business.

  • Re-Engaging Patients

    • You may be need to give your patients a bit of a nudge to re-engage them. This can be done by letting them know about appointments, new services etc using email marketing and text messages. You can also re-engage patients in a more subtle way, by producing great content which will engage them and increase brand awareness. There are various methods which can be used to re-engage patients, and with our expertise in medical marketing, we can help ensure you use the most effective methods to drive more customers through your door.

  • Social Media Promotion

    • With over 2.8 billion people using social media, it is understandable that most businesses include social media as part of their marketing strategy. Medical practices also use social media to reach parents who are spending time online. There are various strategies we can use to help improve your social media campaign. We understand that social media will vary, depending on the type of medical sector you operate in and we will discuss your goals, take time to understand your target market and the best way to move forward with your social media marketing campaign. We might also incorporate paid social into your social media campaign, if applicable. We will ensure you are consistent with your social media campaigns and your content offers value to your community. You will work with an expert within social media who will help you develop the right social media strategy to improve your business prospects.

  • Reviews

    • Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use and we can help you utilise this form of offline marketing to engage new customers to your business. With 93% of consumers being impact by online reviews and 94% stating that a negative online review has encouraged them to avoid using a company, there is no underestimating the importance of reviews. With the help of our experts, you will understand more about the effectiveness of reviews and we will work with you to develop a marketing campaign to encourage patients to leave reviews of your service

  • Engaging Content

    • With any medical business, you need to publish quality content to reach your target audience and encourage them to join your practice. The content should be published on a regular basis and will need to be informative. We are experienced in content marketing and we will develop a plan to encourage new customers and re-engage old customers. We can create a combination of web content for your website, as well as blogs and articles, which will help drive customers to your website

  • SEO Services

    • It seems like common practice these days to conduct a search on Google to find out why you have certain symptoms. This is why it is important to make use of SEO on your website. Our SEO services will help people find you when they search for specific terms and this can drive more traffic to your website. Together with our web development service, you can create a better user experience and a variety of features to encourage visitors. Take a look at our SEO blog to find out how to rank high with SEO.

  • User Experience

    • It is vital that visitors to your website have a positive experience and it needs to be optimised to ensure they can navigate around the website easily and find the information they need. They should understand your services you offer and your location within minutes of arriving at your website and they should be able to find the correct person to contact. At TSA, we can help improve the user experience by analysing your website and making any changes, as required. The site speed should also be optimised and content should load correctly on mobile phones.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    • Pay per click can help you to ensure your website is visible on search engines. With PPC, you can control your budget and attract more traffic to your website. We can help you find relevant keywords to suit your medical business and maximise your potential profits. We have experts in PPC who will develop a PPC advertising strategy based on your budget.

  • Tracking Progress

    • Whatever strategy you implement, whether offline marketing, online marketing or a combination of both, we will continuously track progress for your medical establishment. We will then tailor our strategies to suit and maximise the potential of your business. We use a variety of tools to analyse the success of our campaigns, including Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Tracking the progress of marketing campaigns is essential to drive results.

Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

If you do not have a marketing strategy in place, you’ll end up getting left behind. You can guarantee that your competitors will have a marketing plan in place. These are just some of the reasons to incorporate a marketing strategy into your growth plans for your medical business.
  • Understand Your Market

    • Without a marketing strategy in place, how will you get to know your market? A combination of offline and online marketing will allow you to reach a wider audience and you’ll be able to analyse your results to understand your market. Understanding your market makes it easier to develop products/services and to target your marketing to the right people.

  • Clear Objective

    • It can be easy to get caught up with your working routine, without having any objective or goals in place, and this is an important part of growing your business. You need to know what you want to achieve before you start your marketing campaign, as you can analyse results along the way to keep on track. You may want to make profits of £100,000 in the year, grow your customers by 50% or retain 100% of your customers. A marketing strategy will help keep you on track.

  • Competitive Advantage

    • A digital marketing campaign can give you a competitive advantage. If you maintain a consistent strategy, consumers will be more aware of your brand than they are with your competitors. If you want to attract new customers (and maybe even steal some from your competitors), a strong marketing campaign is essential.

  • Interact with Customers

    • Customers tend to buy from brands they know and trust. With an online marketing campaign in place, you have the perfect opportunity to get to know your customers and interact with them. You can get to know their needs and deal with them quickly, as well as any concerns they may have. This can help build your reputation, which is key for a successful business.

  • Smarter Decisions

    • Without analysing your performance, it is almost impossible to be able to keep up with your market and deliver the best service to your customers. You need to understand who your customers are, what they want from your services and how you can meet their needs, in order to build a successful business. Understanding your performance and customer needs will allow you to make smarter decisions and will ultimately, improve your performance.

  • Drive Business

    • Every business wants new business, that is the ultimate goal and this can be achieved through marketing. The more exposure your business has, the more likely you are to attract attention and with great quality content on your website, you will turn your visitors into paying customers. A constant regular marketing campaign will improve your traffic and ultimately, bring in more business.

  • Know Your Competitors

    • A marketing strategy will help you to get to know your competitors and understand what they’re doing and where you could be making changes to your strategy. It is imperative that you keep up with your competitors and know who they are, so you can always go one better!

  • Reputation Management

    • People talk. If they are not happy with a product or service, they are more likely to go on a rant about it than if they’re happy. That’s the way human nature works and it’s something to consider when running a business. You need to understand what customers think about your products and services and what they’re saying about you online. If you don’t have a marketing strategy in place, your reputation could be getting continuously worse, without you even realising it. Customers could be ranting about how bad your service is, and you’d be none the wiser. Reputation management allows you to find out what people are saying and most importantly, to help control your reputation by responding to them. You can turn a poor reputation around by paying close attention to it.

  • Cost Effective

    • Some businesses don’t want the expense of paying for a marketing campaign, but this could actually be costing your business. If you put in the initial outlay for your marketing campaign, you’ll reap the benefits as you’ll increase your customers and as a result, your profits. A marketing campaign can actually be cost effective, as long as you get it right and this is why it is important to use experts to deal with your marketing strategy.

How We Can Help

At TSA, we have a strong team of experts who have developed marketing strategies for the medical industry. We can help you develop a marketing strategy which will suit the needs of your business and deliver results. We have worked with a range of clients within the medical sector and we know what works and what doesn’t. Our marketing strategies in the medical sector are designed to suit your business and we will work together to create a successful plan. If you need some support with your marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.