Pay Per Click Services

PPC (pay per click) is form of marketing where the advertiser will pay a fee when their ad is clicked. The premise of PPC is to purchase visits, rather than waiting for them to grow organically.With search engine advertising, businesses can bid to place an ad in the sponsored link section of a search engine. The success of this depends on the size of the bid, what other companies are bidding but it can be hugely profitable for a business.The popularity of PPC is continuing to grow and 40% of brands and agencies would like to spend more on their PPC budget than they currently are.

Why Use PPC Services

There are several reasons why you might want to incorporate PPC into your overall sales strategy. In 2017, 7% of people had a negative perception of PPC, but that has further decreased to only 1% last year. This is an extremely small number, so it is clear to see that PPC is positively viewed by most people. The reasons for using PPC include; generating leads, increasing sales and boosting brand awareness.

PPC can help businesses to drive more traffic to your website, which can be used as both a lead magnet and for specific campaigns to generate sales. It can also be used to promote brand awareness. If your ad is constantly ranking high on Google, more people are likely to see it, which can increase knowledge of your brand.

PPC Platforms

Over the years, there have been a lot of PPC developments.Many companies have switched over to Amazon from Google so there is lots of competition in PPC and this is only likely to continue, as other platforms are developed. If you are thinking of incorporating PPC into your marketing campaign, your next question is probably, where do I advertise? There are many platforms you can use for PPC and the one you opt for will depend on how easy it is to use and your ROI. If you have a small budget, you might want to try the smaller platforms, but you need to consider what platforms your target market will be likely to use and of course, the availability of key terms.
  • RevContent

    • You may also want to consider RevContent as part of your PPC campaign. RevContent is based on the same premise as a guest post, although the post is an ad and you bid in the same way as you would with other platforms. This is a great option for tighter budgets, but it also offers a good amount of traffic.

  • Bing Ads

    • Another popular choice in PPC is Bing Ads, which is one of Google Ads competitors, although Google Ads receives many more queries. Google Ads is a bit more expensive than Bing Ads, so again, it depends on your budget and what would work best for your target market. With Bing Ads, there are lower costs per click compared to Google Ad campaigns, but you can still reach your target audience. While Google Ads might be offer better returns, Bing Ads can still increase the presence of your business, with lower costs overall.

  • Google Ads

    • With Google receiving 3.5 billion queries on a daily basis it is understandable that this is the most popular platform for PPC. Google Ads provides you with many keywords to use, although they are competitive. If you have a substantial budget to spend on PPC, it is well worth considering Google Ads. If you have a smaller budget, you can still use Google Ads, but you may need to look at less competitive keywords. At TSA, we will inform you of the best platform to use to maximum your ROI. We have experts in PPC available to give you a better understanding of which option is best to use to suit your own needs.

Creating a Winning PPC Campaign

Quite simply, if you are not currently using PPC, you should seriously consider it as part of your overall marketing strategy. It is likely that more and more businesses will start to look at increasing their PPC budget, if they have one in place and other businesses will start to use PPC. A winning PPC campaign is not as simple as it might appear and this is where we can help. With 13 years’ of marketing experience behind us, we understand PPC – what works and what doesn’t.

Understanding Your Goals

The key to a successful PPC campaign is to understand and keep to your goals. You may be looking to improve your brand awareness and let your target market know who you are and what you do. In which case, it can be worthwhile using display ads to drive traffic and get potential customers more aware of your business and hopefully, turn them into paying customers.

Another goal you may have in relation to your PPC campaign is to gain new leads. You might want to capture important details from your traffic, such as name, telephone number and email address. Lead generation can often be achieved through an engaging landing page which will follow your paid ad. It can be quite easy to track your leads, so you know if this is working or not.

If you are looking for greater traffic to your website, you need to ensure the quality of your content is high, otherwise visitors will be unlikely to stay around for long. The longer visitors hand around, the more likely they are to end up making a purchase. Ultimately, the end goal for any business is to get a sale and the good thing about paid ads is that you can track your sales so you know if your PPC campaign is working.

Working with a Low Budget

At TSA, we know how to work with any budget and still ensure you get more leads, higher ranking and increase traffics. Whether you are in the retail sector, medical, gaming or any other specialism we deal with, we will be happy to help with your pay per click campaign. We will assess your biggest competitors to find out what they’re doing and how you can do the same – but better! Competitors are not just what you think, there are many more competitors than you have probably ever considered and we know how to find them.

Creating Your Ad

When we have defined a budget and finalised the keywords, we can look at creating your ads to attract customers. It is important to create engaging copy which relates to your target audience.It is important that your ads are written well and are informative, as these will be more likely to convert. Our marketing experts at TSA have been writing high quality ads for our clients within a range of specialisms for a number of years and we can create ads for your business. If you are considering a PPC campaign, you need to ensure quality content as well as keywords and this is where we can help.

How We Can Help

At TSA, we understand how effective PPC can be, as long as you get it right.We will develop a PPC campaign around your needs and even if you have no prior knowledge of PPC, we will explain everything and ensure you understand how we will support you. The last thing we want is for you to waste any money on a campaign which doesn’t work, so we will work with you to constantly monitor the progress of your PPC campaign.You can contact us today or why not check out meet the team , where you can find out a bit more about what we do and the services we offer. We will help you achieve great results, whether you just want to use PPC or you’d like to incorporate a range of marketing techniques. We will be happy to support you. With our expertise in creating winning PPC campaigns, we will tailor one to suit the needs of your business.We are the social approach. Bringing Social and Search to one digital space to grow your business.Get in touch! our consultants are here to help.