Could your social media presence benefit from a bit of a boost?

Do you feel that no matter how much you post, no one is paying attention? There are over 2.48 bn social media users worldwide so it is a great place to build your brand and get yourself noticed. Social media is also free, so if you are not utilising it yet, it is time to start. Download our complete guide to improving your social media presence and enjoy all the benefits social media can do for your business growth.


Think about what you want to achieve with social media.

Do you wish more people would engage with your posts? Do you want to see more of your target market following you? It is important to know what you are looking to achieve, as this will help you measure your results.


Your friends and family won’t necessarily buy from you,

but they can support you by liking your page or following you. This is a great way to start building up a following on social media as people are more likely to follow you if they see that others are. Friends and family are also good for sharing, liking content and this helps to grow your brand and get your message out. It’s quick and easy to invite friends to like your Facebook page as there’s an ‘invite’ link, where you can just invite everyone on your friends list. This is one of the best ways to start creating a strong following on social media.


How are you interacting with your audience? Are you just posting and hoping someone will respond?

If so, you’re doing it all wrong! People want to communicate with a person, not with a company. On that note, if you are using a logo as your profile picture, it might be worth changing it to a profile of yourself. Social media is all about interacting and this is the way you will grow your audience. Comment on other posts, ask questions, post interesting connect and share the connect from other people. The more you connect with other people and show your human side, the more likely you will be to achieve results. If we look at an example of highly successful business woman and tv personality, Deborah Meaden – has a lot of engagement, both posting and interacting with other content. Her images are more personal than business-like and she has a great following. This is what you want to achieve from your social media accounts. Building a good following doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and lots of interacting as people need to trust you before they will be interested in following your account. Professionalism is important, but having a personality on social media, is also a vital component.


Think about your target audience and the kind of content they will be interested in.

For example, if you are in the ladies fashion market, your content might be related to tips about what to wear on a night out latest trends and outfit ideas with images/videos. You would also want to share other content which is related to ladies fashion. This doesn’t mean that you don’t content on other issues unrelated to your business, as you want to also create a personable approach, but a good combination of both will help you interact better – and attract your target audience. Vary your content, don’t just post sales content all the time, as your followers will soon get bored. It is better to be a bit more subtle with sales post, rather than outright asking followers to make a purchase.


If no one is interacting with your content, it may be that you don’t have the right hashtags,

enough or any at all.Hashtags are the main way other people will find you, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Use enough hashtags without over powering it, to the point your content is undistinguishable. Your hashtags should also be relevant. You’ve probably seen content which contains lots of unrelated hashtags and this is more off-putting than anything. It makes you wonder what on earth they are talking about! Keep your hashtags relevant to your content and you will attract the right people.


With social media content, consistency is the best way to success. If you post once a month,

you will never build any kind of engagement with your audience. However, if you post daily, you will start to build a loyal following. Social media will never be an overnight success. You won’t just wake up with 1M followers, unless you’re a celebrity. The mistake many people make is having expectations which are too high. There is nothing wrong with having goals, but make sure these are aligned with what you can realistically achieve. On that note, there is no point having 1M followers, if they are not in your target market anyway, as they are unlikely to turn into a sale. It is more worthwhile to have a few hundred quality followers, than millions of irrelevant followers. Don’t be tempting into paying for followers either, these are usually just fake accounts, which offer no benefit to your business.


It is a good idea to take a look at your competitors to get some inspiration.

Look at the competitors with the most engagement, what sort of content are they posting and where are they posting it. If you are posting all your content on Instagram, for example, and none of your competitors are using it, it may be worth looking at alternatives. It is always good to be aware of your competitors, and understand what they’re doing right, it’s a great way to get some ideas and make changes to your social media platforms to reflect it. Don’t copy your competitors but just keep an idea on what they’re doing to increase engagement.


Take a look at the hashtags which are trending and try and relate some of your content to key trends.

Even if it’s not completely relevant to your business, you can still post general content, for example, for #MentalHealthDay, you can post content supporting mental health within the workplace. If you use trends, it is more likely that your content will get seen by more people. Twitter shows the trends of the day at the right hand side, and these usually change throughout the day.


Your content will have greater visibility if you add some images and/or videos to your posts.

This doesn’t mean using stock images for every post, it’s more about sharing the content related to your business. For example, content with images of your products, or video footage of an event you are attending. The more visuals you use, the more interesting it will be for the reader, which means you will get greater engagement. If you are constantly using text only content, it will just get swept up with the rest of the content.


You can grow your business on social media by including links to projects you have worked on,

for example, products, presentations or a link to your portfolio. When people can actually see your work, they are more likely to view you as a credible business and it will also give them inspiration to follow you. It is easy to say you can do things as a business, but being able to back this up with examples, is much more important.


There are the standard platforms, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram,

but why not add more networks to get more engagement, such as Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr? The more social media platforms you cover, the wider your audience and the greater your presence will be.


Everyone loves a freebieand competition and this can be a great way to grow your social media engagement.

Discounts, free products etc are all good ways to gain followers. Most competitions require people to like the account and/or share the post, and this helps grow followers and encourage more people to talk about you. If you run competitions on a regular basis, people will soon get to know this and you’ll find your followers growing as a result.


Your content will have greater visibility if you add some images and/or videos to your posts.

This doesn’t mean using stock images for every post, it’s more about sharing the content related to your business. For example, content with images of your products, or video footage of an event you are attending. The more visuals you use, the more interesting it will be for the reader, which means you will get greater engagement. If you are constantly using text only content, it will just get swept up with the rest of the content.


With 92% of people trusting recommendations from friends and family, rather than other forms of advertising,

it really does pay to get those testimonials. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, allow you to ask for recommendations and these show up on your profile for people to view. If you want to grow your social media platforms, recommendations can help as they will make people sit up and take notice of you. The more people that support your business and recommend it, the higher it will be regarded and the more followers you will end up with.


If you don’t have anything, or few details on the profile of your social media platforms,

no one will really know what you do or who you are. For example, Facebook has an ‘about’ section, where you can share more about yourself, your business and what you do. On Twitter, you can write a bio including hashtags for key aspects of your business, for example #ladiesfashion #videogames #healthcare. Whatever business you are in, it is important to ensure the bio is completed, so that people can find you quickly and easily. You may also want to consider adding your web address link to your bio. LinkedIn is a social media platform which requires a bit more depth with the personal profile section. You can even put your CV on your LinkedIn profile to show people what you do and what you can offer them.


Keep an eye on any complaints and concerns about your business by regularly checking what people are saying

and get back to them quickly and tailor your responses. Don’t be tempted to get into a big debate or argument, even if the comments are negative. This just looks unprofessional. Keep your comments to the point and be as helpful as possible.

Increasing your social media presence won’t happy overnight, it takes time and effort. It is important not to just focus on gaining followers, but instead, cultivating a relationship with the followers who matter. It is important to have a strong following for your social media growth, but engagement will also encourage even greater growth.


Generic responses to comments are very obvious and show a lack of effort.

If you want to encourage engagement, personalise your responses by using names, as people will engage more with your brand. Genuine replies will be appreciated by your audience, whereas computer generated responses can be quite damaging to the reputation of your business.


Your website traffic can be a great way to turn visitors into social media followers.

Follow buttons with links to your social media platforms are a great way to get more engagement. They should be placed where your visitors can easily see them, for example, on the right hand side at the top of your home page.


Over 2.9 billion emails are sent each day worldwide – a staggering thought! If you are not using your emails as a way of growing your social media platforms,

you are really missing a trick! Incorporate your social media links into your email signature and make them as creative as possible. For example,

John Smith
JS Ltd
Thirsty for more: (enter web address)
Be out fan: (enter Facebook link)
Follow us: (enter Twitter link)
See us in action (enter YouTube link)

If you are sending a lot of emails out each day anyway, it makes sense to use it to grow your social media platforms in the process.