Retail and E-Commerce

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, the retail environment has changed significantly and hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear about a high street store closing its doors.
In the UK, there are 50,000 empty shops out of 500,000 – so it is clear that theretail industry is struggling.

Retailers can no longer rely on customers visiting their stores, they need to make use of eCommerce to grow their business. The growth of eCommerce means that customers have their choice when it comes to where they decide to make their purchase and many are turning to online reviews before making a decision.

As many as 67% of consumers say online reviews are important to their buying decisions. You can’t hide when it comes to your retail business anymore and the right marketing has never been so important.

Marketing in Retail and Ecommerce

As an experienced digital marketing consultancy in Central London, we have worked with a wide range of retailers to help them improve their business prospects. We can develop a strategy for your retail business by understanding your market and the potential ways to reach them. Our marketing strategy for retail and eCommerce will usually include a combination of services to help you achieve results. We may suggest that you use all the potential marketing campaigns, depending on your budget and goals or it may be more applicable to use a combination of strategies. Marketing in retail and Ecommerce is essential and if you aren’t currently adopting a strategy, it is time to consider doing so.

Retailers need a website which is performing to the optimum standard, as otherwise, customers are unlikely to follow through with a purchase. We can help you understand how long it generally takes for visitors to your website to make a purchase. Are they buying straight away? Is there a week or two between visit to sale? Knowing when to retarget or send out marketing emails is one of the most important aspects of getting those all-important sales.

We know that remarketing ads is important but let’s look at the reasons why. We’ve spent time on your web development and your website is performing well, users of the site are enjoying browsing their way through around it, it is simple and quick to navigate. The potential customer starts to fill up their cart with products, then decide to abandon the transaction. They may have got side tracked and completely forgot about it or they may have noticed the shipping costs and decided against it. Remarketing can be a great way to remind the visitor that they forgot to follow through with their purchase or perhaps, offer them a discount on their purchase or shipping.

Your product descriptions are the life of your website and these should be optimised to ensure customers will find you. Your product descriptions need to clearly describe your product and incorporate SEO to ensure your products rank high on Google. Increased visibility will help your business attract customers to your website, which can increase your sales. At TSA, we can help you create engaging content, including product descriptions, incorporating SEO to help your products rank well on Google. We understand the importance of great content within the retail and ecommerce for driving and engaging new customers. If you put in effort with your content, you will be more likely to turn your visitors into sales.

Email marketing is an important part of the marketing strategy for retail and commerce. If you build an email list of customers who have shown interest and left their details, signed up to your newsletter or made a purchase from you previously, you can help increase your sales. Emails can be both stand alone and automation. You can let customers know about great offers you have on, offer discounts to regular customers and send cart abandonment emails. If you are not using email marketing as part of your strategy, you are potentially missing out on a lot of customers!

The median return on investment for email marketing is 122%, this is 4 times higher than other channels, including social media and paid search.

Most retailers don’t have huge amounts to spend on advertising, especially if they’re trying to reach out on various types of platforms. We would always suggest that every business makes use of social media in one way or another – after all, it is completely free. Another way to optimise your sales is to introduce social media advertising. An eCommerce social media campaign is essential for retailers and a great way to get new customers, without spending too much.

Creating landing pages and linking these to your adverts on Facebook can be a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.


A great example of video content marketing which helps gives potential customers an insight into what to expect is this one from BirchBox.
Unboxing: “On Trend: Korean Beauty” with Charlotte Cho via @YouTube
With BirchBox being a subscription service, an important aspect of the box is to show potential customers what they can expect and this is what this video content marketing does – together with explaining why they have received the specific product.
With this in mind, lets explore what video content marketing can do for retailers and how we can help you achieve great results.

The video content needs to be develop in a way that offers something to the customer. It should not be purely designed based on the needs of the business. The most popular types of video content marketing are those which evoke some kind of emotion, whether it be laughter, tears or uplifting.

We know what it takes to ensure your customer engages with your content marketing and we will help you explore different possibilities to help achieve the best results for your business. Consumers buy into retailers who evoke an emotion and they are more likely to remember your marketing campaign, if you manage to achieve this.

As with any type of content, video content marketing must be aimed at the target market, otherwise, the message will be lost in translation. The content will target a specific audience and attempt to deal with a problem area for that customer. For example, a sports company may advertise women’s trainers which keep the feet protected under all conditions. In this case, the target market is women who work out and buy sportswear.

With our expertise in marketing, we can help you not only determine who your target market is, but how to develop video content marketing to suit your audience.

Reaches the Audience

You can create the video marketing content, but if it never reaches anyone, it will be completely pointless. As part of our marketing services for retailers and eCommerce, we can develop your content and ensure it reaches the right audience at the right time, to maximise the results. We can create unique campaigns based on the new release of products and help you achieve great leads and sales!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the top trends in marketing at the moment and one which retailers can not afford to miss out.

With a growth of 325% on searches for “influencer marketing” on Google over the last year, this is a marketing trend which is set to continue to experience growth over the coming years too!

Who are Influencers?

Influencers can come from all walks of life and the products they are ‘influencing’ are often quite unexpected. An example of successful influnencer marketing is the disinfectant Zoflora, which has became a household name due to the popularity of Mrs Hinch, who has been promoting the product as part of her cleaning routine. The growth of Zoflora sales is 25% year on year, with 700,000 bottles produced per week at the factory. It’s now the UK’s number one disinfectant.

As part of our marketing strategy, we can determine whether influencer marketing is right for your brand and make suggestions on the best influencers to support you. An Instagram post might cost around £1,000 for a single post but get it right and the potential return can be huge! You might even encourage someone to act as an influencer, just by sending them a free product!

Influencer marketing is the one to watch at the moment and it is really worth staying open minded to this.

How we Support Retail and eCommerce Businesses

If you are a retail/eCommerce business and you need some support with your marketing strategy, Contact Us today and we’ll help develop a campaign to suit your needs. Whether you are already using some market channels, but need help with others or you have no presence and want to kick start your market campaign, we will be able to support you. If you want to achieve great results, you need a strong marketing strategy and we will help you grow your customer base and profits. As a marketing business in Central London, we have worked with a range of retailers, helping them to grow their brand and profits. We know what works and what doesn’t and in a highly competitive industry, it is important to get it right.

Find out more about influencer marketing or any of our other services in more detail or contact us and we can have a chat about your needs in more detail. You may also want to find out more about us about, what we do and who we are so you can get a feel for whether we are the right fit for you.