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SEO (search engine optimisation) is an important part of any marketing campaign. As we have mentioned previously, if you do nothing else, make sure your website is optimised, as otherwise, no one will ever be able to find you. A fully optimised website will help your website to rank higher on Google, drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. With our SEO services , we will start with a full SEO audit, which will give us an understanding of how your website is currently performing and enable us to make an assessment of what changes we need to make to improve your SEO.

Why You Might Need an SEO Audit

There are many reasons why you might need an SEO audit for your website.

    If you feel that your website is lying dormant, it is not really ranking on Google and you are getting very little queries from it, it is time to analyse the reasons why. This is what an SEO audit can help you achieve. We can gain a better understanding of the issues which might be affecting your growth on Google and make essential changes to your SEO strategy to achieve results for your business. Our aim is to help your business grow, so that you get the results you need.

  • Google have changed their algorithms again

    Google change their algorithms so much that it’s barely possible to keep up. We understand how frustrating this can be for a business, especially if you’ve just changed your marketing strategy. At TSA, we keep up-to-date with Google algorithms and we amend your strategy to suit. You don’t need to worry about keeping up with all the changes, you can just leave it to us.

  • You are curious about why your competitors are doing so well

    If business isn’t exactly flowing for you, but your main competitors seem to be flying high, you might be wondering exactly where you are going wrong and what they are doing to achieve such incredible results. Competitor analysis is important and it is vital to stay aware of your competitors. With our SEO audit, we can help you identify your competitors strategies and where you can make changes to achieve the same (or better!) results. If you want to achieve top rankings on Google, you need to be aware of your competitors and this is what we can help you achieve.

  • You want a great website!

    If you are going to the trouble of having a website, it makes sense to ensure it is the best website out there! A great website is not just about the quality of the content on it, but also the usability and presentation. We not only help with SEO, we can also offer web development services, where we will ensure your website has a quality design, great functionality and most importantly, it delivers real results!

The Right Plan

As with our other services, we create and tailor our SEO audit to suit the needs of your business. We will spend time identifying any potential risks, while getting your feedback on any problem areas you may have noticed yourself. As we get an understand of any problematic areas, we will take steps to rectify these to ensure they are not affecting your SEO campaign. Our focus is helping you achieve the results you want, and we will implement an effective SEO audit to ensure we deliver this.

Why Choose us for your SEO Audit

At TSA, we offer SEO services to our clients, together with an SEO audit. If you’re wondering why you should choose us instead of other marketing agencies in London, these are just some reasons why!

Results Driven

As much as we love designing and implementing marketing strategies, we always have our eyes on the prize. Our aim is to help you achieve results, both by driving traffic to your website and turning visitors into customers. This is our priority and our focus is on delivering the best possible outcome for your business.

Measuring Progress

We know it is not just about developing an SEO strategy and suddenly sales start flooding in. We’re not that good! It takes time to start to achieve results and a lot of analysis to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Monitoring campaigns is crucial and we will report back to you on a regular basis with our findings.
Our Expertise
We won’t shy away from calling ourselves experts – as we are. With our SEO strategy experience and knowledge of SEO audits, we will help create a fully functioning, high quality website with great content and usability. We have been helping support our clients with SEO strategies and SEO audits for a number of years and our clients have reported some incredible results from our marketing campaigns.
Contact us about SEO Audits
We are happy to discuss our SEO audits service in more detail with you and develop a strategy which works for you. Even if you’ve never heard of SEO audits before, we can explain everything to you, so you are completely comfortable with the process and what we can help you achieve. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more about our services. Our experts are happy to assist.

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