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Most people in the UK are spending an accumulation of time which amounts to an entire day each week on their mobile phones and this time is spent browsing through content, whether on social media or websites.

There are huge amounts of content literally at our disposal each day and with so many people reading through it, content is definitely king – and this is unlikely to ever change. Content marketing is key to any successful marketing campaign and as a strategic marketing approach, it is essential that you incorporate this. At TSA, we can help you achieve real results through your content marketing and we will design a content marketing plan which will be tailored to your own business and your goals.

Our Content Marketing Services

Would you like to start creating better, more informative content on a regular basis, attract more customers and increase your traffic? We can help design a content marketing package which suits your needs and the needs of your target market. You may not want to use all forms of content marketing and we can help ensure you use the right ones for maximum benefits for your business. With all of our content marketing services, you can expect SEO to be incorporated to maximise the potential for your business. Why not get in touch , to find out more about what we can help you achieve?
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The True Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and generate new leads and customers. If you deliver high quality content, you will gain more credibility and customers will be more likely to stay on your website, which means greater conversions. These are some ways content marketing can help grow your business.
  • Better Conversion Rates

    • Successful B2B marketers, spend as much as 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing, which shows how significant it is deemed to be. It is important to be patient with content marketing though, as the premise is on building your brand and getting your name out there. If you post a couple of blogs and expect your phone to be ringing off the hook, sadly, your expectations will never be met. Like everything, good things come to those who wait and with content marketing, you really need to be patient and the rewards will come.

  • Increased Traffic

    • If you update your website with high quality content on a regular basis, you will rank higher on Google and you will get more traffic to your website. People are constantly on the lookout for answers to questions and to find great content, so it is important to keep yours updated. You need to aim to post at least once a week for maximum results. It is also imperative that your content is search engine optimised, otherwise the regularity of it won’t help improve your Google rankings. A combination of both great quality content incorporating SEO, posted on a regular basis will help drive more traffic to your website.

  • Brand Awareness

    • If people don’t know you exist, how will you ever get a sale from them? Content marketing is a great way to boost your brand and make your target market more aware of who you are and what you can offer them. With regular, engaging content, people will start to become aware of you and will be more likely to become interested in your products or services. Great quality content is worth it’s weight in gold as it informs the reader about a particular topic, which can help improve their own business or life in some ways. There is lots of content out there but only a fraction of it could be described as quality content and this is what we will do at TSA to improve your brand awareness.

  • Build Relationships with Customers

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if you bought a product and there was some useful content to follow up your purchase? For example, you buy a television from your local electrical store. They send some content on getting started with your TV and ask if you need any help. They follow this up with content about new movies/TV programmes you might be interested in and maybe some additional products to go with your purchase. Yes, this is extremely time consuming for a business, unless they outsource the content marketing, but the end result is that they’ve built a relationship with their customer and will probably enjoy additional sales from it. It is much nicer for the consumer than buying the product and never hearing from the company again. Content marketing is a great way to build relationships with your customers and it can help you retain them.

  • Increase Credibility

    • Consumers want to buy from companies they believe to be credible and their opinions are usually formed from a combination of reviews and their own perception of the business. If your business looks like it is a real thought leader, through engaging, knowledgeable content, you are more likely to seem credible to consumers, which means they are more likely to want to buy from you.

Our Content Marketing Options

At TSA, we have indepth experience in content marketing and we can create content which is engaging for your target market and will encourage them to want to find out more about you. With 65.8% of marketers admitting that they struggle to create engaging, well-designed content, it makes sense to use a company who has a thorough understanding of content marketing and will be able to deliver the results you want. As part of our content marketing service, we offer a number of individual services within this.
  • Blogs and Articles

      • Blogs are one of the most widely common forms of content marketing used by businesses and there is good reason for it. Blogs are a highly effective way to inform readers and engage with them and the good news is, they don’t need to be indepth. The standard length of a blog is around 500 words, which is about a page and it should contain information which is valuable to your customers. If you are struggling to understand your market, don’t worry, we can help.
    • Articles are similar to blogs, but are typically longer and more indepth. In some cases, they are written in a more informal style. Blogs are a bit more snappy so they are easier for the reader to digest. However, both blogs and articles are useful pieces of content marketing and should be utilised as part of your content marketing campaign.

  • Video Content Marketing

      • Video marketing is marketing, which includes video, as the name would suggest. The second largest search engine is YouTube and it processes 3 billion searches each month. YouTube is a video sharing website, so you can see how popular video is and is becoming, which is why it makes sense to use it within your content marketing.
      • There are many reasons why you might want to consider using video content marketing. Firstly, it will ensure your content gets more attention. People tend to be more attracted to content which has videos or images, than those which are full of text. They are also 10 times more likely to interact with your content, including commenting and sharing.
    • Videos are more likely to evoke an emotion, which makes them more useful than content which only contains text.

  • Social Media Marketing

    • When you browse around your social media platforms, you are looking at content, content and more content! Someone has had to create the content you see, in the hope that you will engage with it. We suggest that all of our clients incorporate social media into their marketing campaign and with our help, we can create highly engaging content for your social media, which will drive traffic to your website and increase your customers and sales! Incorporating SEO will also ensure customers find you.

Content Marketing 4
  • eBooks

    • eBooks are a great way to inform your customers while still making the information relatively short and digestible. eBooks can also be a highly effective lead magnet as part of your paid social marketing campaign. Typical types of eBooks may include ‘a guide to finding clients’ or ‘a guide to landing an interview.’ These are far more in-depth than blogs and articles, but they offer valuable content in an easy to read format. At TSA, we will take time to understand your market and the best type of content to use as part of your eBooks to engage your audience. We can create eBooks, which can be used to generate new business leads.

  • White Papers

    • White papers are a lengthier, more indepth form of content marketing, which tend to contain more detail and a more serious tone than blogs, articles and eBooks. White papers can inform your readers on a specific subject and they are another good way to gain leads as part of your paid social marketing. White papers can be created to suit your audience and should be informative enough to engage your target market.

Content Marketing 3
  • Infographics

    • Many businesses use infographics to display information as they are more visually pleasing than text only content. Infographics show data/important information in graphic form and it can make the content easier to digest for the reader. If you want to make your facts and figures more visual, using infographics can be a good way to do it. It can be good to break up up your content into different forms, including text, images, videos and infographics. This can make it more interesting for the reader.