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Email marketing can be extremely hit or miss, depending on what you send and who you send it to. It can either be useful or annoying and it’s important to get it right by producing quality content and not just spam sales emails. Email marketing should be use to inform your customers and should be tailored to your market, otherwise they are likely to just be deleted. It is probably the most prominent example of marketing that takes skill and knowledge to achieve any results from. It is similar to traditional marketing, such as leaflets and brochures, but just in an online format. It is completely free as well, so if you aren’t utilising it, it is probably time to consider doing so!

There are different attitudes to email marketing. At TSA, we tend to go with the latter opinion. We strong believe that email marketing should be incorporated into your overall marketing campaign, if you want to build good relationships with your clients and retain clients.

Our Services

At TSA, we have worked with customers in a variety of industries with varying knowledge in email marketing and have helped them develop extremely successful campaigns. We are highly knowledgeable on the type of content that generates results and we will tailor our email marketing campaign to suit your business. A strong email marketing campaign needs both knowledge and expertise to generate any results and with our help, we can design a campaign which works for you. If you are considering introducing an email marketing campaign into your strategy, these are just some of the aspects of email marketing you can expect from us.
  • Just One Click

    With our email marketing services, you will be able to reach your audience with just one click. We can help ensure you get the right message to the right people, and at the right time. Email marketing can be highly successful but you need the expertise, otherwise you could be wasting your time and even, driving customers away! Through our experience in this marketing technique, we have tried and tested many different forms of emails and we have developed a greater understanding of how to achieve results.

  • Increase Loyalty

    It can be difficult enough to obtain customers and many businesses make the mistake of failing to nurture their relationship with existing customers. With attractive, engaging emails, you will be able to maintain the attention of your customers and help increase loyalty. Take care of your customers and they will stay with you.

  • Improve Conversions

    The ultimate aim of any businesses is to get return on their investment. You want to bring in more than you put out. The only way to know whether your marketing strategy is doing the job is by monitoring it and this is something we can offer you. We will provide you with reports on your e-mail marketing campaign and we will make changes on a regular basis to improve it. We will help improve your conversions and give you better ROI.

  • Save Time

    Time is the one thing business owners wish they had more of. With our help, you can save the time you spend trying to figure out your email marketing campaign and instead, focus on more worthwhile projects. Marketing is something business owners need, but most don’t have the time or expertise and we are happy to step in and free up your time for other tasks.

  • Support and Training

    We don’t just create your email marketing campaign and leave you to it, we provide you with ongoing support and training to help you get the most out of it. We support our clients from the start of the process and throughout, and if you need any training related to email marketing, we will be happy to provide this.


Emails are the easiest to ignore, which is why it takes the knowledge and skills of marketing experts to ensure the right message is delivered to encourage recipients to sit up and take notice. Once you set up your initial email marketing campaign, it is really easy to manage with some simple changes and it can generate more business and customers. There are many reasons why you might want to consider incorporating email marketing into your strategy.
  • Reach Your Audience

    • With other forms of marketing, such as social media marketing, you can target your audience, but you don’t really know exactly who it has reached, unless they sign up. With email marketing, you know the recipient has definitely received it and you can even find out if they have opened it or not. For example, if you offer a range of different services, they might not all be applicable to the same people, so you may want to group them accordingly. Your emails will then reach the right people and this makes it easier to convert them into customers.

  • Good Conversion Rate

    • If you incorporate e-mail marketing into your campaign, you may find that your conversion rates increase. Email marketing can be more effective than social media and SEO, with statistics showing that 4.24% of visitors buy from email marketing, compared to 2.49% from search engines and less than 1% from social media. The whole point of any marketing campaign is to increase conversions and email marketing can be a good way to generate those all important paying customers.

  • Preferred Communication

    • Most people check their emails regularly and expect to receive promotions. It is the preferred form of communication for many, and unlike social media where ads tend to be unsolicited, it can be an easier way to engage with your audience. Not everyone uses social media and some people have social media accounts but never really look at them. Emails tend to cover a wider basis as even people who don’t use social media often, tend to check their emails on a regular basis.

  • Emails Are Here to Stay

    • Social media platforms come and go, and the popularity of other forms of marketing also fluctuate, but emails will always be used and this is why it is worth incorporating email marketing into your strategy. Emails are here to stay, so it is a worthwhile form of marketing to consider.

  • Personalise

    • You can communicate with people in a personal way with email marketing and sort your emails into lists, so you can target groups of people. This is more difficult with other types of marketing such as social media and content marketing. Email marketing is a good way to build relationships with your customers.

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Making the Most of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be a highly effective way to build your brand and gain new business opportunities. It is, however, vital that you get your campaign right. At TSA, we can help you make the most of your email marketing campaign and increase your business prospects. These are some of the ways we will help you achieve a highly successful marketing campaign.
  • Irresistible Subject

    • Believe it or not, the subject of your email can make or break your campaign. Some subjects inspire people to click on them, while others are instantly off-putting. At TSA, we will use our expertise to craft a subject which your readers won’t be able to resist. We know what works and what doesn’t – and we will make sure that yours is one which drives results.

  • To Personalise or Not to Personalise

    • It might seem like every email should be personalised, but this isn’t always the case. You need to know when to personalise your emails and when you need to be more formal, depending on how well you know the recipient. Some people are put off with emails which contain their name, unless they really know the sender.

  • Most Relevant Times

    • There are certain times throughout the day when you get a better email open rate than others. We have good knowledge about the best times to reach out to your target market and will help you build an email marketing campaign which will be sent at the best times to get a good open rate. It is not just about times but also days of the week and we will develop your campaign for the maximum results.

  • Engaging Content

    • One of the main difficulties businesses have when trying to develop an email marketing campaign, is knowing what type of content will be most effective. With our expertise in this marketing strategy, we can provide you with plenty of ideas for content and help you create engaging content We will analyse your target market and create lists so you can send the right content to the right group of people.

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